VYKE offers free phone calls and multiple phone numbers


There has been great increase in the number of VoIP providers today with many promotional offers like free trial calls, free minutes or free credit. I am here with something amazing on VoIP app called, Vyke which gives you up to 4 real extra mobile numbers, free calls and chat at very low cost, and SMS to anyone all wrapped up in one single app. It’s also providing free trial minutes. That offers 1$ credit to make free calls. You all must be interested to know how we can communicate with 4 additional number without extra SIM card or mobile device. …

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Voxofon – Free calling, Free texting and cheap International call


People migrate from one country to another for many reasons like for business, job, studies or to settle after marriage. Staying in touch with your family and friends far away can be challenging and expensive but thankfully we have Voxofon.  Voxofon lets you call any phone anywhere in the world. Rate starting at 1 cent per minute and also text any phone number in the world. Just find the person you want to call from your contact or enter phone number and start calling. It’s simple, fast and convenient. Voxofon lets you call and text for free to any fellow …

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Maimepin: Free 1$ trial credit for international calls

Prank Call

It has been a long time since I had posted about free trial credits to make international calls. Today I will discuss about Maimepin, which is a service by Boss revolution. You will be able to get $1 free trial credit without any credit card information. Will let’s have a look over what Maimepin is, what are its features and calling rates given by this company. Maimepin VoIP Service Provider Maimepin is a voip provider offering cheap international calls from US. It’s a simple service similar to any other calling card service. The good thing about Maimepin is its free trial credit. …

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Nanu app gives free international calls over Internet

There is new app for free calls from android mobile to any mobile. It is the only voice call and messaging app that works well on 2G or congested networks and provides truly free calls. The app is called Nanu. It gives you 15 minutes of free calls to any mobile phone. You can also call Nanu to Nanu free, but for this your friend also needs to install Nanu. But, if your friends don’t have Internet connection or an android phone then you can call Nanu to non-Nanu users also. You will get amazing voice quality. Nanu works on share and earn method, …

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How VoIP services providers are better than telephone services?

Rebtel Free Calls

Hey Guys, This is an old post, but I thought it still made sense. So I am releasing it today. Thanks to VOIP services such as Google Voice Calls, free Calls will be totally achievable. You could connect with a free call and send as many free sms message as you will through the possibility of web services. All you have to do to connect with someone via a free call is to get a smartphone calling app that provides a scheme of providing away free call for subscribing to their application. You can get their smartphone app and download those …

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FreeCallButton: Free calls to and from over 26 countries


FreeCallButton has drawn mixed reviews about its services. They have been in business for a long time but their process is little complicate and their websites shouts ADS. However, they offer you 6 minutes of free phone-to-phone calls every hour from 8:00AM to 4:00PM EST (New York). FreeCallButton is an access number based VoIP service. They have access numbers in a lot of countries, for instance Australia, Brazil, Norway, Pakistan among others. Many destinations such as India are blocked due to misuse of the service. However, you will still find a lot of destination included in their list. Locating your …

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Send Your Family Free Home Phone from USA


We are going to talk about a technology innovation that allows you to have your family and loved ones make Free calls to USA without paying a single dime. ObiHai Technology Inc. has invented an award winning VoIP home phone without any monthly or yearly phone bills. ObiHai supports Google Voice, which means you can now connect your Google voice account to ObiHai and send it to your loved ones across the world. They will be able to use it as if they have a US based phone number. Using what we are going to share with you you will be able …

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Unlimited Calls to India for $8 Per Month


Rebtel has come up with a great offer that offers unlimited calls to India for $8/month. Get this offer >> This is really something you should sign up for because of the following reasons Good about this offer First month is absolutely free; i.e. you will have 30 days of free calls to India. You can try it out and see for yourself if you make enough calls to justify $8 per month. There are no limits. Not 1000 minutes and not 5000 minutes. This is truly awesome. There are no contracts. You can cancel whenever you want. Even after …

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Unlimited International Calls for $9.99 Per Month

Lycamobile cheap international calls

If you make international call, I promise you this is one of the best emails you are going to read in a long time. We have gotten an offer so good that you would want to sign up for multiple plans for all your home phone numbers and your cell phones. The offer is to make unlimited international calls anywhere in the world for $9.99 a month. Can you believe that? For less than 10 bucks you can call as much as you want and wherever you want. It is not even a hack that we found to get you …

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Ring Plus Offers Ad-based Free Cell Phone Calls Again

Cheap Calls to India

RingPlus is Going to Try Free Ad-Supported Cell Service Again. However, this time it is a cell-based service using Sprint’s network. A few lucky ones here might still have the free service from back then. Most do not I suspect. How it will be different this time compared to last when they took away many accounts is unclear, so take that into consideration. RingPlus will offer its content sponsored Free Cell Phone Plans utilizing the Sprint Nationwide Network™ for voice, text, and data transport under a wholesale agreement with Sprint. Ring Plus Free Calls Offer RingPlus will launch the content …

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Rebtel Announces Mother’s Day Offer

mVoIP - Mobile VoIP

One of the largest VoIP service providers Rebtel has announced their promotional offer for Mother’s day. They will be offering, starting now till May 11th a free $5 international calls credit to every one who signs up and recharges with $5. You may or may not remember the old times when I had them offer a crazy offer on Mother’s day. At that time they offered $30 credit for $10 which was way popular. However, since they have matured now and are a well known name they probably can get away with not-so-good offers. In fact I have been busy lately as …

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Unlimited Phone Calls WordlWide $9.99/Month


If you are spending a lot of money on international phone calls, we have some good news for you. A VoIP service provider called RangaTel is offering unlimited international phone calls for less than 10 bucks a month. Rangatel $9.99 per month promo details You can also visit their website for more details. Countries included in this plan Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada** China** Costa Rica Cyprus Denmark France French Guiana Germany Greece Hong Kong** Hungary Iceland India** Ireland Israel Italy Kazakhstan Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Martinique Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico** …

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Skype Builders Offer Free International Money Transfer


We at CoraVoIP have been covering a lot of articles on Skype and what they do with their video calls. Today, we are introducing you to a new service by people who built Skype. The service is called Transfer Wise and it does something very creative to transfer money. They are offering you FREE International Money Transfer. You get real money EXCHANGE RATE too. This is too good to be true, but it is true and it works. Let us see why they built it first and then you will be able to understand what it does as well. TransferWise …

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Skype Offers Free Calls to USA and Canada from India


The giant #1 VoIP service Skype is offering free calls from India to USA and Canada. Limited Time Offer from Skype From December 16, 2014 (00:01 IST) to March 1, 2015 (00:01 IST) (the Offer Period) use Skype to make free calls from India to landlines and mobiles in the U.S. and Canada (excluding special, premium service and non-geographic numbers). Skype account and internet connection required; Internet and/or mobile fees may apply. Skype’s Terms of Use and a Fair Usage Policy apply. No cash redemption, except where required by law. No emergency calls can be made using Skype. Skype is …

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Unlimited International Calls for $14.99 per Month


Guess what time is it? It is a discounted international call time. As I promised earlier we are going to be active with great offers for our loyal readers. To start this, what could be better than offering you a price point of $14.99 a month for unlimited international calls? Unlimited International Calls for $14.99/Month RangaTel is offering a great VoIP international calling plan, World Plan. This plan enables callers to make unlimited calls to 50+ countries, and great discounted rates to other international destinations. Customer will receive a free leased telephone adapter to connect it to a high speed internet …

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