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Tango app for Blackberry brings international calling via Video chat

Tango app for Blackberry brings international calling via Video chat

Having a blackberry handset is always preferred to look professional. Blackberry in your hand makes you feel a level higher than others. When you buy a blackberry handset do you think what next could you do? What if you can install free video calling software in your blackberry handset? Now leave all the headache of your cellphone plans when you have the freedom of unlimited free international calling. The name of such popular video calling application for blackberry is Tango. Your entire hunt ends here because tango app for blackberry has been launched. You can download tango app for PC, Tango for iPhone, tango for Nokia. Why blackberry will lag behind then.

You are not the first to download it; you will find lots of blackberry users waiting for this superb application. But before dealing with anything else we should know about Tango.

Tango App For Blackberry Review

After the success of Viber for Blackberry, tango has also embraced this platform. Like many other video calling applications, tango is also one of the newest and one of the best free mobile video calling application. Through this amazing application, you can chat with your family, relatives, friends and all other tango users worldwide. Tango is a multi-functioned free video calling application. Tango is very versatile application as it works on PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows phone and android. It works with 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi net connectivity. Tango gives you the complete freedom to call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. The most important fact is it can help in making calls from PC to mobile devices. Isn’t it cool?

Some facts about Tango App for Blackberry

  • Tango was launched for the first time on September 30,2010 and recorded a download of 75 k users.
  • Within 1 month that is in October tango recorded a download by 1 million users and it became one of the ten communicating video applications.
  • After few months it was launched for iPod touch, galaxy tab etc.
  • On March 2011, it crossed over more than 10, ooo, ooo users and became the first video calling service for android tablet and HTC thunderbolt.
  • On July 2011, it was launched for even more than 450 smart phones and tablets. It is predicted to grow beyond limits by Forbes.

After all these developments now tango has established its market in blackberry also which is pretty exhilarating for blackberry users.

Salient features of Tango app for Blackberry

Convenience: it works on numerous phones starting from iphone, iPod touch to android or windows mobile.

Easy searching: Tango is so advanced that it will find tango users based on your contact lists only. Few minutes required for registration and login without password.

Money saver:  when you are buying a blackberry handset, install tango and get free calls with clarity.

Blackberry playbook is awaiting tango

Little bit of sorrow for all the blackberry playbook users, because tango for blackberry playbook is not yet out. So hold your thoughts for a little if you are willing to buy the blackberry playbook only because you could use some cool apps. Yes you can always buy a blackberry playbook if you love it but keep this in mind “tango” is yet to be launched for it. Don’t lose hope. Soon you will find tango available for playbook.

Let us use this mind blowing app and experience why it is so different from others and why it has a hell lot of users. To download Tango you can visit their website.



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  2. How do I download it, I received an sms where is asking me to pay R6, is that right?

  3. How to used tango @ how to download in my blackberry

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