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Make cheap phone calls to India using IndiaLD

Make cheap phone calls to India using IndiaLD

Keeping in touch with friends and family is every person’s priority. With the increasing rates of mobile phone companies, people are now turning to the Internet to keep in touch with their loved ones. Many websites are now there to cater to this particular requirement. Indiald is one website that allows a person to make calls and send messages to anyone across the world.

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They offer their customers the most nominal international calling packages with the best service. They also provide cheap text messaging service so that they can also keep in touch with their loved ones through SMS. This website has the best and well-known companies as partners and offers their customers with the best call charges.

IndiaLD has been in the market for a long time but they got popular when Airtel call home couldn’t keep their lights on. It favored IndiaLd to have competitive rates and a good customer service. We remember when one of our readers had an issue and how the owner of IndiaLD, Chris, himself looked into the matter and helped the user. With that kind of attention to customers, a company is sure going to succeed. With their quarter dollar a call offer, they amazed everyone and became even more popular.

The different call charges plans by IndiaLD

A customer can choose from a variety of different plans that can suit their requirements. These plans are monthly based giving the customer the convenience to change whenever they want. They can upgrade as well as Downgrade their plan depending on their usage. A person can also purchase extra minutes in case they have exhausted their monthly minutes anytime during the month. This is beneficial for people who make many calls especially to India. If the person is messaging anyone, there is no charge for the messages.

IndiaLD’s unbeatable call charges

The call charges that we offer our customers the best call charges so that they can get the value for their money. Some of the call charges are mentioned below

IndiaLD USA 500

IndiaLD USA 1000

IndiaLD USA 1500

IndiaLD USA 2000






Cents per minute

1 cent

1 cent

1 cent

1 cent

Plan cost





Apart from the monthly plan, a customer can also go ahead and pay as they go at anytime they feel that they would like to recharge their minutes. Here the person can choose from two options one being Quarter call while the other being 1.5 cent calling card. Both these plans are good for a month. Based on the customer’s choice or need, they can go ahead and opt for the plan of their choice. Visit their website to register.

Features of IndiaLD’s services

A customer can call 28 countries; they can add their mobile or home number so that the person they are calling knows who they are. There are no hidden charges or any such fee. We have a 30 day money back guarantee. They can go ahead and send free message to anyone who lives in India. They can pay every month and there are no contracts with the company. The company works very hard to ensure that their customers are happy with the voice clarity of the calls. If they are not happy, they can go ahead and request for a refund.

With so much to offer their customers, no wonder this company is preferred by all their users and have kept up to their name of providing the best service and have the best customer support for their users.



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  1. why not have SIP functinality on IndiaLD? It kills the deal for me. I still love Betamx.

  2. I you opt for 1000 mins your monthly bill will be $11.95 not $9.95. Indiald will never reveal this until you reach the checkout page. No where in the website or blog it is mentioned.

  3. It is $11.63 not $11.95 as I stated earlier.

  4. the rates are for USA only,,,,pls mention this in the post

  5. Call quality of IndiaLD sucks. It wasn’t all that bad until few months back. Now its gotten to a point where its not usable. I signed up for a different card today. Slightly more expensive but with decent quality.

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