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Free International Phone Calls For 1-Month From Skype

Free International Phone Calls For 1-Month From Skype

Most people depend on VOIP services to keep in touch with their friends and family residing abroad.  In a recent research study Juniper research announced that by 2017 there will be more than 1 billion users using VoIP on their mobile phones (mVoIP) only. Add the people who use VoIP on their PCs and you will amaze yourself. Even with VOIP service provider that offer cheap international calls such as Rebtel and Localphone the charges are usually high for calls made to remote locations and they tend to rise steeply with the amount of usage.  But this holiday season, you can stay connected to your friends and relatives for as long as want because Skype, now a product of Microsoft,  has come up with a grand offer as a reward to their existing users. This is also a great opportunity for new members to join the Skype family that serves as a great platform for communicating with people and groups from different corners of the earth.

Skype’s 1-Month Free International Calls Offer

Skype has announced an amazing 1-month offer that allows you to make unlimited international calls to over 40 countries across the world.  All you have to do is register for a premium account and pay a nominal charge of €7.99.  You won’t be charged a penny extra for all the free unlimited international calls you make to landlines or cell phones across the selected nations. It is a one-time offer that would last for an entire month. You can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial period. Nevertheless, if you wish to continue your Skype premium account, you can stay put.

This free trial package has several features like group video calls or conferencing between a maximum of 10 members. Such services are quite in demand during holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Year.  With Skype’s advanced features you can now spend time with your close ones without worrying about any sort of phone bills or call charges. Screen sharing is yet another great feature that you would definitely appreciate. This feature allows you to share photographs or videos with multiple users simultaneously.

Minimum system requirements

To enjoy advanced Skype premium features, including group video calls, without any hassles, you need to have certain minimum system and connectivity requirements. Primarily, you would need a high-speed internet connection. In any case, a minimum speed of 512 kbps is essential for running features like group video calls and screen sharing. Similarly, you would need a system processor of at least 1 GHz. In order to enjoy uninterrupted Skype services, a 4 Mbps broadband connection with Core 2 duo processor would be definitely great.  The clarity of your video calls will depend on your graphic card capacity. This is also applicable for audio calls. Installing latest codec packs can definitely enhance your call quality.

Get free 1-month of phone calls

If you already have a Skype account, you can easily register for this trial offer by filling out their online application.


Click here to start your free 1-month trial


While registering, you would need to enter your valid credit card details. Payment details are essential because Skype would instantly connect to your account. The trial offer is valid for 30 days; however, if you wish to cancel your subscription after the trial, you need to terminate the service within 27 days. Before you sign up for your trial account, check all the terms and conditions offered by Skype. Note that Skype doesn’t provide this special service in certain nations like China. In the same way, there are limitations for making mobile calls. For details about service policy and served locations log on to Skype’s official site.



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  1. Thank you. As great as this offer is, they want me to verify that I have a credit card. I am from Europe and hence do not have a usa card. How can I even get this offer without it? Skype needs to do better than giving some crazy offer.

    • Dear Serghei,

      They want to make sure that you have a card so that if you plan to continue their services they can charge your card. This is to avoid spam as well, because as you can imagine, such free calling offers will lure hackers into misusing such opportunities. Zenofon once had this issue with their free call on registration offer.

      If you have any card or a paypal account, you will be able to use that. There will be a nominal pending charge for a few days and then it will just disappear. You will not be charged in the end for this.

      Hope that helps.

  2. can i call from Greece to Albania-mobile with this offer???????

    • Dear Remo,

      According to the page this is where you can make phone calls to

      Calls to landlines in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg only), Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

      Calls to landlines and mobiles in these countries: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R., Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United States.

      So, to answer your question, you can only make free calls to landlines in Greece and not mobile phones in greece.

  3. it’s not truth……..****!

  4. Reliance has also slashed rates in their Unlimited Calling Plan – the space is getting more competitive than ever

    You can have a look at

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