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Voipo Review: A VoIP Based Landline Phone With Unlimited Calling

Voipo Review: A VoIP Based Landline Phone With Unlimited Calling

After hearing about VOIPO from everywhere, we asked this question that what exactly is Voipo? There are simply so many different VoIP based phone call services such as Vonage with their $9.99 offer, netTalk duo with their $120 a month offer etc., available online today, and does Voipo just happen to be one of them. Voipo is a service that allows you to replace your landline phone to make unlimited phone calls virtually. The phone calls made with Voipo are known to be crystal clear and of high quality so if you were experiencing any issues with your current landline service then you are certain to get better service with this company offer. The good news about this service is that you do not need a computer to use it. You will have the opportunity to use a new number to operate the system or you can have your current number transferred to the system (number porting) for the purpose of making phone calls.

The Deals That Are Currently Being Offered

One of the first things that people wonder about when signing up for a system like Voipo Services is the type of deals that they have to offer. The company has limited time deals that they offer all the time. One of the most current deals that you will find available on the website is the 2 year membership sale; you can pay a total of $149 to get a membership that will last you for two years! However, this deal is limited so as you are reading this time is ticking. This means that you have to act fast if you want to be able to take advantage of this great deal. This current deal that is going on will help you to save up to 75% off the original price. Some of the other benefits that you can get out of using the Voipo Service include:

  • Unlimited phone calls to the US and to Canada
  • 40 different calling features that you can make use of
  • Free Activation
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Voip Adapter Lease

If you are a small business, you should jump on their 2 year deal for just $149.

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Where Can I Use This Service

Voipo services can be used for a home or a small business. Upon entering their home page of the website you will be presented with a chart below the text which will give you info on the plans that are offered for using the services at a home or at a small business. Both of these options will offer you the same features for the same exact price. Signing up for a 2 year contract will allow you to only have to pay $6.21 per month. If you just want to pay monthly without having to worry about a contract then you will pay $15 per month. Both are great deals and you can choose one of the payment options that will fit your personal situation best.

You can call to a number of different places throughout the world with the Voipo calling service; it is not just limited to calling to the US and Canada. When visiting the website check out the low cost offers for how much you will be paying to get the service from a variety of different countries. There are also plenty of  other features than the ones mentioned above. By visiting the website you can learn more about the other features that are being offered by Voipo today!



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