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Useless Free Calls to India

Useless Free Calls to India

We have been reporting since 2008 and telling the people who sell international calling cards and similar services to not go for deceiving tactics, but it seems all our efforts have gone in vain. These tactics of charging high rates and then advertising the service as a cheaper, discounted, or free calling offer have killed Airtel Call Home and providers are still not able to understand the simple rule that if you are honest with your advertising you will retain your customers for a longer duration and hence you will stay longer in business.

VoIP service provider Unlimited India Calling has launched a new offer, that in our opinion is deceiving and not very useful, for Winters where they are claiming that they are offering 1200 minutes of free calls to India. There are a lot of terms and conditions to get the entire 1200 free minutes to India and you might not like it but you can get it if it fits the bill for you. We will analyze the plans that they offer and we will compare it with international calling plan from other providers. The plan costs $12 for the first month with an additional processing fee of $3.95. After that if you use your account every month you will get the 1200 free minutes in a time-released manner.

1200 minutes of Free Calls To India Plan Details and Analysis

 The plan gives you 1200 minutes of free calling when you purchase minutes from them for 8 months. The distribution is so that if you deposit $16 ($12 for the plan + $3.95 in processing fees) in your account each month, you will get 1200 minutes plus a bonus of 150 minutes for the next 8 months. Ignoring the fact that you are getting free minutes let us see how does it compare with other providers.

The net price will be $16 for 1350minutes, which is equal to paying about 1.2 cents per minute to call India. There aren’t a lot of providers that offer this rate, for instance providers such as Reliance Global call are offering calls to India at usually 2 cents per minute. However, Reliance global call has a cheaper $16 monthly plan, which gives a monthly plan to call India and 25 other countries for $16. However, if you cannot consume that many minutes in a month then the leftover minutes are useless as they do not rollover to the next month. In such cases we suggest services such as IndiaLD where you can get India calling rates as cheap as 1 cent per minute.

Other Terms and Conditions

If you want to use the Winter wonder plan, you must activate the auto top up feature so that they can recharge you at the beginning of every month – this is good for people who often miss to recharge but it is bad for those who want to test it for a month to see how many calls they actually use.

This plan is good for calls to cell phones only and if you want to call a landline phone you will be paying an extra 1.8 cents per minute. Really?

If you do not use 1350 minutes in a month, you will not get the 1200 minutes of free calls to India. You will only get 150 minutes for the next 8 months on 8 sucessful topus. If you only use let us say 2700 minutes, you will only get 300 free minutes.

Our Recommendation: find an alternative

Basically, this service costs you 1.2 cents a minute which is higher than what you can get with a highly recommended provider such as IndiaLD or even with the Rebtel $10 Free Credit offer your net cost is about 0.85 cent per minute. If we get someone from Unlimited India calling here, please let your management people know that this kind of offers are not going to work out for long term customer retention. To our readers we suggest that you do the due diligence research before you fall for such “sale” or “offers”. Remeber that you can ask us any question by posting a comment on you can also get recommendations from the community by posting on our forums.



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  1. This is highly stupid thing they are doing. I am so angry I wish I could grab one of them and ask if they thought I was a fool. I mean, come on do some math because your target audience does. How could you be so ignorant of what we need and what we do not need. These guys are sure to go out of business soon.

  2. You saved me from buying that offer. Thank you.

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