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Guide on Dialing International Phone Numbers

Guide on Dialing International Phone Numbers

Since last 4 years, we at CorVoIP have been talking about how to reduce your phone bill, and about offers to make cheap international calls. But not a single time we posted a guide for those users who are not aware of the ways to make international calls. When this thought came to my mind, I thought of kicking myself. Well, I am fixing that today with this guidethat will tell you about all the ways you can make international calls. We will cover all of the grounds, starting withdialing a number from your phone using your wireless carrier, dialing an international call using VoIP, using PC to Phone Call services, and finally even using the calling cards. Add this guide with the tip-sheet from FCC and you will be on your way to cut your phone bill.

It is no more a surprise if you need to make international calls to friends and family abroad. The world is shrinking smaller day by day and people have migrated to every corner of the world for many reasons like career, money, or security. Also, corporate organizations have to make international calls to keep their business running smoothly and coordinate with other members of their company situated in different countries. Technology has progressed enough to make this happen however the only big hurdle is the cost that is incurred while making an international call. Even when cost is not an issue, it is a question about how to make that international call, what number to dial? Which phones can be used for international calling. Is your phone capable of ISD dialing? Read on to get the answers.

Making Call Via Regular Phones

There are many ways by which you can make affordable international calls all over the world. These methods help people who stay away from their family and need to stay in touch on a regular basis. You can always make international calls from your phone. Making calls via regular phones is too hard on your pocket. Also you need to first check if your subscriber offers you the service or not. Most of the carriers these days offer international calling services, you can check out following links for your provider’s offer

All you need is the country code and the area code along with the call number of the person you want to contact. Since Country codes are required for all methods, here is a list of all country codes in bold

List of international Dialing Code – Country Calling Codes

In order to make a call from your phone using your wireless service provider here is the procedure:

1. Add “+” or “00″ to the beginning of the number. In order to get a plus symbol, you might need to press and hold “0″ on your phone.

2. Add the country calling code from the list

3. Add the number of the person

4. You should have a total of 10 numbers of the phone number and up to 3 digits of the country code in addition to the “+” symbol. Some people prefer “00″ instead of the country code which works fine too. If that is the case just hit dial.

Making Call Using A VoIP Service

There is another alternative and that is using VoIP technology. VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol and lets you make calls to any number across the world through internet. VoIP technology is great in rage and is being used by professionals and individuals to keep the communication flowing. There are many companies offering VoIP such as

Skype international calls at $2.99 a month



Rebtel etc., that offer VoIP services to clients at very nominal rates. There are also exciting offers from calling from a specific country to country. In terms of cost, VoIP costs you a fraction of regular calls would cost you.

Every VoIP service has a different way of dialing. However most of the times you will dial this way:

1. Add “011” instead of the “+” sign that you would do regularly

2. Add the international calling code for your country

3. Add the 10 digit phone number

4. Make the phone call by entering all of this together.

Some of the VoIP services also offer a dial local, talk international service. In this case, you get a local number for every international contact that you have. In this case you need to only dial the local number from your phone and it will connect you with your contact abroad.

Making Calls Using PC To Phone Call Services

Your next option is making call using PC to Phone Call services and this includes all the calls that you make from

Google Voice now offered outside USA,

Skype PC to Phone Calls, and

VoIPBuster Free PC to Phone Calling etc.

There are also tutorials that offer VoIP services such as Fring to be used on PCs. Most regularly you have to buy credits to make these calls and that rates are comparatively cheap, for instance Skype subscriptions start at $2.99 a month. However this would additionally require a headset and a microphone to be attached to your PC so that you can talk at ease. You can also use the same feature on your laptops and notebooks and save additional costs.

The procedure is similar to above two procedures. Skype lets you select the country or you can add the country code manually by pressing and holding the “0″ key on the dial pad. Other providers also have similar requirements.

Making Call Using Calling Cards

Finally, you have the option of making calls using Calling cards. These calling cards are issued by the companies to take care of calling the needs of customers who make frequent and long distance calls abroad for longer periods of time. You can usually purchase them at convenience stores or at electronic stores that sell phones. These companies act as intermediaries of regular subscribers of both caller and receiver and cut down a large chunk of the cost thus making it still preferable over the regular calling methods that charge shark rates. Read our post on mother india calling cards to find out details, which applies to almost all of the calling card companies.

Out of all the international calls made, calling cards to India are most famous especially from countries such as US, China, Canada etc. that have a large population of migrated people living who need to constantly stay in touch with family.  Calling cards usually have the same process to make calls as VoIP services. You dial 011 + country code + 10 digit destination number to make your call. Please read the terms and conditions on your card to learn more about the ways to make calls and also to find out if there are any hidden charges or connection fees to make calls.



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  1. Thank you for the neat writeup. I always wondered why people use voip to make international calls. I did not realize voip actually transfers the cost of carriers into a simple internet packet which is as cheap as sending an email.

  2. Nice Post, But it would be great if you can find a way to call Toll free Numbers from Abroad.


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