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Monthly Phone Plans Done Right – Platinum Tel

Monthly Phone Plans Done Right – Platinum Tel

As always CorVoIP is back with the hottest deals in town. This time around we have  found an exciting deal by PTEL popularly known as Platinum Tel. The deal has already got the customers talking around in hushed tones. CorVoIP, the best in business, makes sure you get the best crack on your deal with exciting discounts, offers and other attractive features. With Platinum Tel this time, the deal goes off the charts with unbelievable offers in prepaid cell phone section for their esteemed customers. Excited? Here is more to know.

About PTEL

PTEL Mobile is a brand of PlatinumTel Communications. PlatinumTel has been in the business since 2001 as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Over the time the MVNO has made a loyal customer base which has been following in the nationwide pay-as-you-go industry. PTEL is a trusted name in the world of communications and has always been a pioneer in offering the best packages to its customers and especially students. There is already Straight Talk doing the same thing in this space so let us see who wins.

PTEL Prepaid Sim Card

Most mobile users have some good news coming up right their sleeve. PTEL is now offering prepaid SIM cards to its customers and must say that it has attracted many of the already existing prepaid and postpaid customers in one shot. And they have a good reason for drooling over this plan because it offers you a PTEL SIM card for just $4.99 with a balance of $40 straight or $50 depending upon what pan suits you and also free shipping of $20. This cannot just get any better than this however there is more to come.

How To Get PTEL Sim Card Offer To Use?

Offers on PTEL SIM Card are easy to use and accessible. It is very simple to get one for yourself. Just follow a series of simple steps and you can enjoy your offer on PTEM SIM Card. Check out their phones and add PTEL SIM Card to your shopping card to begin with. The SIM card will just cost you $4.99.

Next, select either the unlimited plans or the PayGO GSM option. If you have selected the PayGO GSM you can either opt for $40 top up plan or the $50 top up plan with 150 days service validity or 180 days service validity depending upon your need and requirement. Check plans at their website.

PlatinumTel-BYOPMove to the check out area and use the Coupon Code SIMWOOT40 given at CorVoIP that will give you a discount of $24.99 off on both the $40 and $50 plan that you select. Check out and start using your PTEL SIM card right away. When you get the SIM, you will get the PIN for the $40. You can activate the SIM online on their website, you will need the PIN to add the $40 to your account and start service.

Not only that, PTel offer both Micro SIMS and Nano SIMs. So even if you have the latest iPhone5, you are good to go with the Nano SIMs, which also means you can keep your phone as well as number. If that does not suit, you can get the $40 top-up card + regular sim from this deal, and buy the Micro SIM on eBay for $2.95

Other Features of Platinum Tel

This SIM card can be used with most unlocked GSM phones and the plan will also renew in every 30 days if you have selected the unlimited plans. In case you have opted for PayGO GSM, your plans will include $10 for 60 days, $20 for 90 days, $30 for 120 days, $40 for 150 days, $50 for 180 days, and $100 for a complete year. Note that billing in this case will also be rounded up to the whole penny so might get delayed a bit. You can make an account the website to access your information easily and recharge you phone easily. If you make a lot of international calls, you might want to  check out Ultra Mobile.

All in all, CorVoIP again come up with a deal that is surly going to help its customers and followers access to different plans and their coupon codes to ease the worry out of their pockets. This interesting deal is surely one you should not miss. For more details, you can always call up their customer service executive to learn more.



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Mukesh Agarwal is a VoIP enthusiast and a passionate blogger. He speaks at VoIP conferences worldwide advocating the advancement of VoIP technology to convert this world into a global village.


  1. What network does “Platinum Tel” run off?
    Eg: Simple Mobile runs on T-mobile, H2O runs on AT&T, similarly, Platinum Tel runs on?

    • Hi Aakash,

      Good question. PlatinumTel originally used to be a Sprint MVNO and hence offered CDMA services but now they are moving on to T-Mobile so they will offer GSM phones. They plan to end the ties with Sprint by Mid 2013.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply and the information. I could not find any mention on their website. I currently use SimpleMobile, any advantage of Platinum Tel over Simple Mobile?

        • Both Simple Mobile (TracFone’s subsidiary) and PTel are TMobile MVNos. I don’t see any big difference in terms of quality. You might have had first hand experience with the customer service to decide for yourself. Well, we have the $25 off coupon to give you one reason.

          If you are looking for a cheaper alternative I recommend either Straight Talk (Read for good comparison, comes with iPhone 5 now but 2 GB data cap) or Republic wireless for $19 unlimited everything plan.

          • Hi Mukesh,
            The coupon code is not working. BTW, it seems that Ultra Mobile is better than PTel (40$ unlimited everything has $5 international calling credit!), your thoughts?

          • Hi Aakash,

            The coupon should be working. Try calling them at 1-866-CALL-ME-1 to find out if they can manually add it to your account. Yes, Ultra mobile is also a good alternative and if you are not very keen on having international calling in your phone, you can also look for Republic wireless. I am using it for my personal use and I don’t feel like I am missing anything. However, if you want to continue using your own phone then Republic is not for you.

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