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Free $10 International Call Credit

Free $10 International Call Credit

Tired of losing out loads of money on international calls? Cutting your words short in order to save money? Are your phone’s bills making you wonder how you will cope with your other expenses of the month? Well, do away with all such worries, as the solution is here. Blackberry owners can now relax a bit as there is a new app which can save up a lot of money on phone bills.

Free International Calls

The new Froogle Call app is here to help you reduce your call rates. Mobile Miser’s new Blackberry VoIP System makes it easy for callers to call any number in the world and save up on the bills. What’s better is that they are now giving special offers where you can just try out their services to make international calls for free by getting a trial credit of 10 dollars for your calls, before you download the app. Read on, to know more about this wonderful app.

Call local Talk international

Seems impossible? It’s not anymore. Although, this has been happening by voip providers such as Rebtel and Localphone since a long time. This offer from the Froogle Call means that you can now make international calls at local rates. What more could you ask for? Mobile Miser guarantees that using the Froogle Call System will be even cheaper than Skype. Given that Skype is for free, you might wonder what they are talking about. But the money you pay for your monthly internet charges will come out to be more than what you would need to pay for the Froogle Call App from Mobile Miser. Skype also charges money if you make a call to a landline number through Skype, if not for a Skype free calling offer you might have jumped on, and not another Skype number in your Skype contacts. This call charge is also higher than what you would need to pay for Froogle Calls.

Details of the free trial offer

Mobile Miser is offering a free Froogle Call trial system for all Blackberry users. Before going to buy and download this app, you will be given a chance to try it out yourself. 10 dollars will be added to your mobile number account and the app can be downloaded for free. Then you can use the ten dollars to call any number in the world and check out the rates which you are required to pay. This has to be done within a given period of time after you take the free download. If you like the services and if you feel that using this service can help you save money, you can then go ahead and purchase the app for good.

Advantages of the Froogle call?

Apart from the whole money saving guarantee, Froogle call also makes other things easier for you-

  1. No need to type in any kind of PIN numbers or access numbers to make your call
  2. You can just dial any number from your contact list, without worrying about the costs depending on the location of the place where you’re calling.
  3. Once you download the app, you can go on and make calls in the usual way. The download and installation is also easy to understand.

These are the main advantages of using Froogle calls. So go ahead and take that free international trial offer and decide for yourself.



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