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Future of VoIP in 2013

Future of VoIP in 2013

So here is a choice – use your traditional phone network (which is dying) or switch to VOIP based service and save 80% on call costs. Of course the choice would be VOIP.

This smart choice has been a big reason for the VOIP services to have a whopping annual growth rate of 16.7%, if early numbers are to be believed, in 2012. The growth is going to be even steeper for the year 2013. Many, including some tech pundits, are surprised with the figures, but the ones in the VOIP industry are taking it as normally as one. They do have a logic for it – When Internet has become an increasingly important tool for all the aspects of the business, having the phone connected to it a not an unnatural thing. Many of us have been using the internet over the phone for more than a decade now, so moving the voice services over internet seems like the right next step.

Why VoIP Should be in your Strategy

So why are you going to VOIP, if you already are not there?


That is the word I would use for it.

Hassle-free Installation

Just get the device and plug with the internet connection port at home or office. Almost all the providers are giving the service for free. You might want to scale up/down the service by adding or removing the lines from it. There is no contract so yet another advantage.

While we are on the Easy aspect, we should also see the “CHEAP” Aspect – As the calls are not made on traditional phone lines but via internet, the cost of calls is very less. It is very cheap for international and long distance calls.


This would be my best third advantage. With VOIP services enabled on your mobile phone (forwarded calls or free text Apps) you can be always incharge of your time and call from anywhere. Also, you would nearly zero down missing any important calls on the go.

Additionally VOIP does provide extensive features for attracting and holding the users to the services.

Amongst the VOIP trends , the changing game would be increase in the business VOIP service. More and more companies continue to catch on to the benefits in productivity and reliability and the cost savings that come with the advanced communication technology.
As can be assimilated from various source VOIP is becoming quite popular among new companies or new branches of enterprises. Not only those VOIP will also be popular with the new service providers but also with the branches of companies wanting to move to a new communication systems.

As per the reports of GCN, call centers will be the next big thing in adopting VOIP solutions to enhance communications. VoIP service will change the way office workers and call center representatives operate, such as by simplifying tasks through call routing.



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Mukesh Agarwal is a VoIP enthusiast and a passionate blogger. He speaks at VoIP conferences worldwide advocating the advancement of VoIP technology to convert this world into a global village.


  1. It would be interesting to know the growth for individual voip provider.. industry is growing at 16.7%… Like for Skype, Rebtel etc..
    Moreover what about the decline in telecom industry ?
    Is it the shift from telecom to voip or in general growth in voip industry…

    • Hi Madhur,

      Good to see you around. Individual numbers are not a good way to measure the industry at large. While Rebtel might do very well, they might be stealing users from Skype and hence while one VoIP service provider is flourishing the other might be losing out. However, the industry maintains its stand. Having said that, we keep a close eye on the numbers and if something interesting comes up we will give you a shout out.

      Telecom operators are going crazy the way VoIP is stealing their business – I posted about it recently Why Telecom companies are crying. Let me know how do you like it.

  2. Thanks..
    I will check out the article on telecom companies..

  3. Why hasn’t iNum caught on more than it has? I always (and still do) thought it was an awesome idea. One number for everyone that can call or text virtually anyone else in the world. All the ITSPs seem to offer it. But the major telcos, at least in the US, don’t seem to, except for Sprint. I think Sprint treats it as an international call. You can dial it directly through Google Voice. So if GV is on your phone you can dial an iNum directly.

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