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Rebtel offers $20 Bonus International Calling Credit

Rebtel offers $20 Bonus International Calling Credit

Update: The Valentine special offer has expired. However, you can still get $20 credit, thanks to Rebtel for giving this exclusive offer for our readers. Click here to get $20 credit with the special offer.

This Valentine’s day, Rebtel speaks the language of love. In order to let you talk to your loved ones Rebtel has launched a Valentine’s day offer where you get $20 bonus talk time on a $10 recharge. In other words all new customers who will join Rebtel on 14th February through the special offer page (link below) will get a $30 talktime. Yes, this is the best offer and even beats our Rebtel $10 offer hands down. If you are not aware of Rebtel, they are the second largest VoIP service providers after Skype.

The reason they are so popular is because of the following four things:

  • Competitive rates to all countries in the world
  • Unmatched phone call quality
  • Extremely friendly and helpful customer service
  • Trusted by millions so the retention is good

Rebtel Valentine’s day 2013 offer

If you remember it was I who prompted Rebtel to launch an offer of this kind last Valentine’s day (read that here) and Mr. Jens Olsson in fact launched it. The tradition has continued and we are proud to say that we have a hand in it. Bragging apart, this is an amazing offer and you should not miss it. This is once in a year and it is only for a day so you should save the date.

This offer will get you $30 worth of talk time for only $10. This is great because it is as good as getting 66.6% off on the already cheap prices of Rebtel. Here is a list of rates to a few popular destinations:

Country Normal Rates Rates with this offer Talk time for $10
India 1.69¢/minute 0.56¢/minute 1775 minutes=29.58 hours
United Kingdom 14.9¢/minute 5.0¢/minute 201 minutes=3.35 hours
Philippines 15.9¢/minute 5.3¢/minute 188 minutes=3.14 hours
Nigeria 6.9¢/minute 2.3¢/minute 434 minutes=7.25 hours
Palestinian Territory 23.9¢/minute 7.3¢/minute 125 minutes=2.1 hours

Please not that the rates to countries might vary a little based on the number. The landline or mobile rates also change for some countries. However, you can check out the rates at the offer page given below.

How to get this offer

This offer is not available from the Rebtel home page and it is not automatically included if you register with them. You need to

Visit the offer page

Click on the claim offer button. Make sure you see the coupon code on the next page, if it is not there by default just enter Valentines2013. The form should look like the following:

Rebtel Valentine day offer

Once you are there, you can either register using your facebook account or you can just fill up your information manually. The only thing is that you can only have one account per phone number and this phone number must not have already registered with any existing Rebtel account. You can have one account per phone in your household though, there is no need to fight with your flatmate on how much minutes he/she used out of your common account :). If you are worried about the anytime minutes in your family plan, Rebtel does offer apps for all major cell phone operating systems, which also gives you free international calls to all Rebtel users. When you make a call through the app, you do not need to use your wireless network as the call can go over wifi and thus will not use your minutes.

Wait till the 14th feb – the timer on the site is valid only on 14th Feb so ignore what it says before that date. There is no reason why you should be going all lovey-dovey this 14th. Flowers are for newbies – real love shows when you talk.



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  1. I registered with rebtel using the Code. Valentines2013
    Money has been deducted from My card and i have $0.00 in my Account.
    Where is my money? 30USD

    Can you pl. help me out of this situation.
    My Rebtel Registered Email is:

    help pl.

  2. I registered today but just got 10$ recharge where is my 20$ bonus. does this offer true and working???

    • Dear Sajid,

      This offer is true and valid. We will have our friends at Rebtel have a look at your account and update us what is going on.

    • Dear Sajid,

      We have heard from Rebtel. It seems you did not use any voucher code when you registered. Moreover, you did not follow the link from our site as that would have automatically populated the Rebtel voucher code for you. I am afraid there isn’t much that can be done here. You can make use of our $10 bonus offer if you want to register with another phone numbers in your household in the future.

  3. my email for the account is need help..

  4. Is this offer still valid? I was able to create an account with the “Valentines2013″ promo code. It took the code at 11:30 Central today (2/15). But I dont’ want to credit my account with funds if I won’t be getting the $20 bonus. Pl let me know.

  5. Thank you for your time and support.
    My problem was solved with Rebtel 2 days Ago.


  6. Hi this offer is still available as of now ??


  7. Hii rebtel is acting stupid i used the Coupon and payed 11.5$ using paypal never got the double credit.

    When contacted them they said sorry that the coupon is not valid and it has to be used some where else.

    Finally i asked them to return my money if they cant help.

    Can you help me with this.

  8. I am talking about “CORVOIP100% ” Coupon.

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