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Skype is Scheduled to Link with Lync

Skype is Scheduled to Link with Lync

A recent report by TeleGeography hints at the possibility of Skype expanding to business telephony big time. The best way for Skype to do this is obviously through Microsoft via a product that already provides communication for business users. Since Lync is on e such product, it is said that Skype and Lynch will connect with each other so that the users can enjoy interoperability. In short, if you are a Lync or Skype user you would be able to talk to other Skype or Lync users.

News in Numbers

Since the report is not a public report, we can’t link to it. However, we saw the numbers and it seems the international telephone calling services have reached about 490 billion minutes in the year 2012. This is an amazing number for the industry, but thanks to websites like CorVoIP :P, the competition has lowered the prices to a level that the profits of voip service providers have gone down significantly. Moreover, the rise in the amount of minutes is only 5 percent over that from 2011. In 2011, we saw a rise of about 13 percent which was more than double. One reason could be that a lot of people were already subscribed to VoIP and that many have now moved to online calling for international destinations than telephone calls.

Skype by itself accounted for 167 billion minutes out of the 490 billion total in the year 2012. Even though the industry did not fair well, Skype saw a rise of about 51 billion minutes in the year 2012.

Skype connecting with Lync

With the advent of outsourcing and offshore business processes, business communications span multiple continents on a regular basis. Microsoft offers Lync enterprise unified communications platform to enable users (business users) to connect with each other at remote locations. In November 2012 Microsoft announced that the Windows Live Messenger will move to Skype and this month, April 2013, it has already retired to Skype. This has added about 100 million users to Skype’s already 280 million users, who used Live Messenger through Outlook and Hotmail.

Microsoft has announced that they are planning on now connecting Lync users to Skype users. According to Tony Bates, the division president for Skype, Microsoft is going to introduce Lync app for mobile phone for Windows Phone 8 and iOS in early March and then for Android shortly after. Furthermore, in June, Microsoft will add connectivity between Skype and Lync that will support presence, text based messages (chat), and voice too.

Simply put, users with Lync app on their phones will be able to call any other Skype or Lync user in the world and communicate with them without the need of a second account for the other service. If this really becomes a possibility, we believe Lync will finally merge with Skype and Skype will start offering special services meant for business calling such as other providers like Uber conference and Voxeet do.



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